status codecodemessage说明
200SuccessThe Api was called successfully.调用成功
400EntityAlreadyExistThe request entity is already exist.请求创建的对象已存在
404EntityNotExistThe require entity is not exist查询对象不存在
400ProductNotActiveSam product is not activate.访问控制产品未激活
400InvalidParameterValueThe parameter %s cannot accept value %s.参数 %s 不允许为 %s
400ParameterAssembleInvalidMultiple parameter assemble illegal多个参数组合异常
400GroupNameExistThe group name is already exist.组名称已存在
400BeyondGroupQuotaBeyond user group quota.创建用户组个数达到最大限度
400GatewayDenyThe origin gateway is not permit to access the api.来源网关不允许访问该接口
400DataFormatErrorrole semantic error角色语法错误
400BeyondGroupMaxMemberBeyond group user max member.超过组最大成员上限
400AlreadyJoinGroupAlready join group.已加入组
400AlreadyBindPolicy already bind.策略已绑定
400SemanticErrorSemantic is error.语法错误
400DeleteCurrentVersionCan't delete current used policy version.不能删除当前正在使用版本
400ReservedOneVersionPolicy should reserved one version at least.策略至少需要报销一个版本
400BeyondPolicyQuotaBeyond user policy quota.超过用户策略数量上限
400BeyondPolicyVersionBeyond user policy version number超过策略版本上限
400BeyondRoleQuotaBeyond user role quota.超过用户角色数量上限
400UnsupportedActionAction is not support.不支持的Action
400UnSupportedFeatureThe request feature is not supported.功能目前不支持
403UnauthorizedOperationYou are not authorized to perform operation (%s) on resources (%s)You are not authorized to perform operation (%s) on resources (%s)
400PolicyNameReservedThe policy name is reserved by system.系统保留的策略名称
400MissingParameterThe required input parameter %s for processing this request is not supplied.缺少%s参数
500InternalServerErrorInternal server error内部服务异常